Interactive Internet Remote Water Quality Monitoring - example
What we provide

- Accurate data acquisition
- Compatibility to remote control systems
- Reliable wireless data transfer via radio or GSM/Cellular
- Large-scale measurement networks
- Leak and burst detection
- Remote meter reading
- Pressure, flow, level and well monitoring
- Water quality monitoring
- Data visualization software with integrated web client

What are the benefits

- Get important information anytime
- Detect leakages immediately
- Create exact consumption profiles
- Timely start of required actions
- Improve environmental stewardship
- Save energy, time and money
- Increase your profitability

Water quality monitoring - on line

In Situ RDO oxygen sensor
We provide a range of products for remote monitoring of water conditions. These include
sensors and telemetry for measuring pH, EC, water temperature, water level and dissolved
oxygen. In our hydrodrology studies rainfall is also recorded.

We use a variety of data collection and transmission systems to provide near real-time data.
see example

Technologies used, and capable of interfacing to the Peak Environmental Monitoring - Adcon
telemetry platform include Hydrolab, OTT multi parameter datasondes and Troll InSitu 9500 .
These devices output data in SDI-12 protocol allowing attachment to Adcon series of telemetry

We also use TPS Scientific instruments which are interfaced to our telemetry devices. These
units measure pH , EC, water and dissolved oxygen.
Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

The In-Situ® Rugged Dissolved Oxygen (RDO) PRO Probe uses breakthrough technology to measure
dissolved oxygen (DO) in demanding environments. The RDO PRO Probe easily integrates into a variety
of aquaculture management systems. By continuously monitoring and controlling DO levels,
aquaculturists can improve feed conversion ratios, minimize fish stress, and reduce fish disease and

OTT Water level sensors

Hydrolab Multi parameter water sondes

Water Management

Water is more precious than ever. Understanding its circulation,
observing surface and ground water, preserving quality, properly
distributing it to the consumer - accurate sensors and real-time data
availability are crucial to the job.

Sustainable Water Management

Regular and precise monitoring of water supply facilities is highly
important for maintaining a well-balanced water supply.

Adcon offers the easiest and most cost-effective solution for collecting
all data required for efficient water management, easy, comfortably and
effortlessly. Our solar powered low-power radio (430-470 MHz) or GSM
technology continuously transmits the data directly to your office
allowing for quick and precise management decisions.
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