The SMT01 is a

SDI-12 soil moisture sensor sensor

for monitoring soil moisture levels and soil temperature values in precision farming and environmental monitoring applications. It provides the data required for cost efficient irrigation, crop yield optimisation and protection of natural resources.

The SMT01 has been designed to work in any type of soil. It has a low current consumption and an SDI-12 interface. It is ideally suited for battery or solar powered remote applications. The SMT01 has short measurement time and fast response to any fluctuation in the soil moisture level. It is easy to install and easy to calibrate . The SMT01 is a rugged, hermetically sealed design, equipped with a polyurethane protected cable.

Whilst designed to be connected to a data recorder, the soil probe can also be read using a small Netbook type computer for instantaneous or spot readings of soil moisture and temperature. The sensor can be supplied with an interface unit ( SP-USB-03 ) which connects directly to the USB port of any computer. Free software is provided to allow reading the soil probe.

Accurate soil moisture and temperature measurement
Fast response
Not influenced by salinity levels
Temperature compensated
SDI-12 Interface
Rugged design
Hermetically sealed
Operating temperature range - 20 Deg C to 65 Deg C
Low power consumption
Simple installation
Simple calibration
Small size (L =150 mm W=25mm H=5mm)
The SMT01 soil moisture probe reports soil moisture between 0 - 100 %. The 100 % level represents soil saturation. The example below shows the soil moisture trace where the sensor was located in a crop of Kale vegetables. Irrigation was on an ad-hoc basis. Note the 'stepped' sections of the graph where daily water use can be easily identified. The light, friable soil had limited soil water holding capacity and quickly dried beyond plant extraction levels. The plant thus enter a period of slow growth showing symptoms of water stress.
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