Sentek provides sensors and solutions for precision measurement and management of soil water and salinity

Used in a diverse range of applications, Sentek products have gained international credibility, through published
peer review, among research agencies and commercial enterprises.

They are only sold and supported through a global network of highly trained distributors such as Peak
Environmental Monitoring. Sentek’s well known brands include the flagship EnviroSCAN probe, offering continuous
monitoring, the EasyAG probe, for shallow measurement, and the Diviner 2000 for portable monitoring.

The high resolution data are retrieved via a range of data capture and telemetry options, and displayed in the
acclaimed IrriMAX soil water management software

Sentek EnviroSCAN soil probe

The sensor utilises electrical capacitance to measure soil moisture. A high frequency electrical field, created around each
sensor, extends through the access tube into the soil.

The sensors are mounted on a probe rod which is inserted into what is called an 'access tube '. The sensor measures soil
moisture in the surrounding soil through the access tube.

Sentek EnviroSCAN PLUS - EnviroSCAN-MULTI

The Sentek MULTI unit will tranmsit data to any web site. This unit measures both soil moisture and will also record one
pulse count for rainfall monitoring or pulse flow monitoring
Sentek EnviroSCAN EasyAG soil probe

The EasyAG probe is an easy to install, slim-line soil moisture measurement probe. Using the same proven
technology as EnviroSCAN®, EasyAGTM is designed to monitor crop rootzones to a depth of 0.5m (20 inches).

With a choice of interfaces available, the EasyAGTM probe can be used in conjunction with a Sentek
EnviroSCAN® logger as a stand alone system, or integrated to a range of other on-farm technologies such as
weather stations and irrigation controllers and PEM - MTech Series data recorders.

Sentek EnviroSCAN soil moisture monitoring system

Sentek's flagship product EnviroSCAN® has become the most widely used continuously logging, irrigation
management tool in Australia.

The EnviroSCAN® is a complete and stand-alone soil moisture monitoring solution The data obtained by the
EnviroSCAN® sensors is collected by a central logger and then downloaded by the user through a variety of
telemetry methods.

The probes have multiple sensors located at multiple depths, with each probe accommodating up to 16 sensors.
The IrriMAX® software program converts this information into a graphical form to give growers a better understanding
of moisture levels in the soil profile

Sentek EnviroSOLO

EnviroSCAN®Solo is a cost effective, continuous soil moisture and salinity monitoring solution. Utilising Sentek’s
world renowned technology, the EnviroSCAN® Solo system consists of a battery powered, logging probe connected
to a Head Unit, which allows for in-field download via a laptop or SoloPORTER™. The data captured is displayed in
Sentek’s IrriMAX® software, allowing for user friendly measurement and management of data.


Sentek EnviroSCAN

Sentek SOLO


Sentek EnviroSMART

Sentek IrriMAX display software

Sentek Internet PLUS system

Sentek Diviner 2000
Sentek Diviner 2000

Diviner 2000® is a portable and robust soil moisture monitoring device measuring soil moisture over the
depths of a crop’s rootzone.

Diviner 2000® consists of a probe and display unit allowing the grower to measure soil moisture content and
make onsite irrigation decisions at up to 99 sites.
Sentek EnviroSMART

EnviroSMART - RS 232, SDI-12 and RS 485 protocols allows integration into telemetry and control devices.
Telemetry options offered by PEM use 900 MHz long range radio communications for up to 10 km radio links.

The Sentek SDI-12 soil moisture probe can be connected to other data loggers commonly used in scientific and
agricultural research.

The PEM M Tech data recorder will support 3 SDI-12 devices. This allows the connection of, for example, two
Sentek EnviroSMART SDI-12 soil moisture probes and a SDI-12 based automatic weather transmitter such as
the Vaisla WXT 520. Alternatively the M Tech could support soil probes and a ground water monitoring sensor.

Sentek soil moisture monitoring technology

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Sentek IrriMAX soil moisture charting software

IrriMAX is display software which allows the graphical depiction of information derived from the soil probes. The
software allows the user to set up distinct graphics indicating irrigation scheduling options.
Sentek promotional overview video
Sentek IrriMAX display software
Sentek " All- in One" monitoring