Multi depth soil probes are used to measure the amount of soil moisture down through a soil profile. In order to interpret the output from the sensors we use different types of charts which can convey a very clear picture of the water requirements of a plant, crop or tree. With practice, and charting guidelines we provide, it is possible to accurately manage an irrigation scheme to maximise irrigation efficiency and maximise crop production.

These charts below are examples of the types of charts used by irrigation managers. The Cloudlink charting system is unique in that we provide very dynamic chart functions to allow the user to very accurately and easily review the data. More importantly,the charts can be annotated and changed from any browser and saved using a save command and password. This means you can tailor the charts to your own requirements  and save the changes. Our charts and web pages often include gauges showing near real time field values of various parameters such as soil moisture, soil temperature, water level, irrigation conditions etc.

The field modems can issue SMS warnings for such things as soil moisture, field temperature , water and irrigation canal levels.

Since the charting software is web based you can view the charts from any computer or mobile device. Most importantly you do not need expensive special data analysis software or pay high access fees to your data. We provide very modest annual hosting fees for the data. You can download your data to your own computer at any time in a standard format to suit any spreadsheet.

Please take some time to get to know the charting software below. If you have any questions them please send us an email or call us.
Interactive soil chart demo using Sentek soil probe measuring soil moisture, volumetric ion concentration ( VIC ) and soil temperature
Soil type - light sandy loam     Crop  - young blueberries
Adjust colour bands using Alt 2,3 and 4 keys.
Add comment Alt C
Change Y axis Max scale - Hold down Shift key and move mouse pointer to series line
Change Y axis Min scale - hold Ctrl key and move mouse pointer to series line
Alt L - loads entire database

Note - all changes can be permanently saved to the server

Cross hair - shows values in chart area
Time Select - allows zooming - use mouse to click and zoom area of interest
Overlay locally collected or BoM weather data
The Stacked chart - allows an understanding of soil profile and water movement

Combination chart - soil moisture, soil EC ( VIC ) and soil temperature
Standard chart with common Y axis - ( Y axis scaling can be changed )
Example of 'Summed' soil chart. Soil sensor values added togther.
Viewing sub surface soil moisture for irrigation management. 201
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