cloudLink clE. ( radio base station modem )

The base station modem and radio collects data over the network and re-transmits to the Internet.  It can also act as a data collection point for locally attached soil probes and weather sensors.

The Cloudlink Cle base modem is quite small measuring just 110 mm * 55 mm * 25 high. It is normally supplied with DIN rail connector.

Key features

Data recording to microSD card
Inbuilt 3G broadband modem
probeLink radio interface
SDI-12 sensor interface - Sentek soil moisture etc.
Four local inputs, voltage, current, counter or status
RS232 and USB interfaces
Solar regulator and battery connection
Inbuilt 2AH battery
Remote configuration over the Internet
SMS alarm generation direct from field modem

The cloudLink solution for remote data collection

Solution comprises

1. Cloudlink modem with radio input

2. Radio units for remote data collection
SmartBase.( connection interface between radio and sensors )

The ' Smart Base ' device provides a means for connecting attached sensors to the radio. The RS 232 port allows for programming the radio using our easy programming software.

The Smart Base card is usually located in a housing which would also house a 12 Volt battery.

Key features

Solar regulator and battery connection
probeLink radio interface
SDI-12 sensor interface, separate connections for up to 3 sensors
Analog inputs (2) ( eg temperature sensors )
Counter inputs (2) ( irrigation pulse counters and rain gauges )
RS232 interface programming port
Field radio ( probeLink )

The remote radio units can be fitted with either short range ( 1.0 km ) or long range ( 9 kms ) radio modules.

The field radios can act as repeaters if so programmed greatly expanding the radio network options.

The radios operate SDI-12 protocols and can also accept analogue and counter inputs.

The radios will collect data from 3 separate SDI-12 probes - Sentek soil moisture etc . See more

Supply options

The system has been designed so distributors can build up ( and re-badge ) their systems. We can also provide fully packaged systems. However this adds to the cost for the distributor who may have local suppliers of solar panels, batteries and housing.
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