Cloudlbreak  Wi-Fi Irrigation Control System

NRIE Cloudbreak Wi-Fi based irrigation Control

Our Cloudbreak system utilises our Wi-Fi telemetry and the Raspberry Pi computer running a Linux operating system. The Raspberry Pi small, single board computer and the choice of engineers around the world involved within the IoT , control systems, industral automation and robotics.  
The Cloudbreak system uses very low power Cloudlink Wi-Fi Field stations to monitor field conditions such as soil mositure, weather, water level and valve status.

Cloudbreak WiFi Terminal units located at the pumps provide communication between pumps and office. 

The central Cloudlink Access Point ( AP ) and Cloudbreak Pi Base controller are often located at a central office. See diagram below

Mini Desktop PC ( Raspberry Pi ) running mySCADA on Linux operating system for NRIE irrigation monitoring and control. Supllied with touch sensitive screen. Physical size is 9 cm * 9 cm * 4 cm.
Menu functions
Home screen - map of site
Pump status
Set operation mode manual, automatic
Simple 'drag and click ' irrigation scheduling set up
Set pump parameters
View and operate valves and pump in manual opertion mode
View trends of soil moisture, dam and channel levels and any other measured parameter.
Special setup parameters for sys admin
Return to previous screen
Low power Wi-Fi Field Station monitoring field conditions and controlling valves
Wi-Fi Terminal  control and monitoring remote pumps
Cloudbreak Wi-Fi Access Point
Internet access for remote viewing and operation
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