Cloudlink CL-1 modem
The NRIE CL-1 modem allows the upload of field data to the Internet via the mobile ( cell ) phone network. The CL-1 can act as a stand alone base station uploading data to the Internet or can be the central hub of an NRIE - Cloudlink radio or Wi-Fi network.


Operating voltage
- 12 to 16 volts DC

Operating power
- 2 mA in sleep mode and 20 mA in transmit mode. The CL-1 will typically operate from a 10 water solar panel and 7 AH battery allowing for periodic cloudy days.
The CL-1 is supplied with a special interface card ( SB-2 ) which provides sensor interface to the modem. The SB-2 card allows snouts of SDI-12 , counter and voltage and includes in-built solar panal voltage regulator.
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