by NRIE since 1980
Peak - Cloudlink
   Telemetry and monitoring solutions for agricultural and the environment
What We Do
Soil moisture monitoring systems for irrigated agriculture to maximise water use efficiency
Design, build and installed telemetry based remote water quality monitoring stations
Design, build and install remote weather stations
Data communication systems and Internet data displays
WiFi remote area monitoring
Long range WiFi monitoring and control systems
- design cost effective data information and data telemetry systems
- undertake hardware and software engineering
- electronic engineering,  PLC , SCADA automation
- design, build and install environmental and agricultural monitoring systems
Innovation and Dedication
We have been dedicated to serving agriculture and environmental industries since 1980.

Our long term success is due to our on-going leading and advanced technological developments and the years of loyal support from our many customers.

Cloudlink is an innovation of Northern Rivers Industrial Electronics which was established in 1980.
Peak Environmental Monitoring is the field applications and R&D development partner of Northern Rivers Industrial Electronics. The Cloudlink development encompasses Internet data handling and display , ground based radio telemetry systems for data collection and sensor integration.

We have a very long and proud history in designing, building, installing and maintaining environmental monitoring systems and our customers needs.
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Lennox Head. NSW. 2478

Phone.  0428 594 628